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CMSN: A Dose of Her Own Medicine by Wrenzephyr2 CMSN: A Dose of Her Own Medicine :iconwrenzephyr2:Wrenzephyr2 505 29 CMSN - A Knight at the Tavern by sortimid CMSN - A Knight at the Tavern :iconsortimid:sortimid 812 33 Business Professional by Dynamoob Business Professional :icondynamoob:Dynamoob 644 18 CMSN- growing out of your clothes by blackshirtboy CMSN- growing out of your clothes :iconblackshirtboy:blackshirtboy 921 12 Bimbo Reader by SuraKuraAnon Bimbo Reader :iconsurakuraanon:SuraKuraAnon 625 26 Bimbo Reader Bimbofication (SuraKuraAnon's idea) by sortimid Bimbo Reader Bimbofication (SuraKuraAnon's idea) :iconsortimid:sortimid 1,010 39 CMSN - Glassy Eyed Stare - TG Bimbofication by sortimid CMSN - Glassy Eyed Stare - TG Bimbofication :iconsortimid:sortimid 894 53 Secretary Bimbo TF by Banedearg Secretary Bimbo TF :iconbanedearg:Banedearg 1,223 33
Orange's Beauty Fixer Upper: Feelin' Pretty
    Sunlight slowly crept over a small circus one fine, clear morning.  The light crept across the floor of one of the trailers slowly, very slowly until it hit the bed in the room.  On it lied a young woman, still fast asleep and snoring.
    The young lady in particular was a clown, a real, full-fledged clown girl.  Long blue hair rolled down her sides and front of her face, some of it even going over her big pink clown nose.  Her skin was as white as snow and had a rubbery texture to it, making it very elastic.  She looked completely unaware of the time of day.
    As such, when the sun hit her eyes, she groaned in her really sweet voice, “Aww… morning already?  But my dream was sooooooo much fun…”
    Regardless, the clown girl slowly sat up, stretching her arms and letting out a big yawn.  She got out of bed and marched herself to her bathroom, set to get into the
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 39 12
“Mmmm, fish! NOM NOM NOM.” There was a flurry of chomping sounds and messy slobbering and in a few moments the entirety of a nicely-cooked fish was stripped to the bone. A long pink tongue licked the last bits of flavor from the delicious treat. “Yummy! That was sooooo good!” the playful eater said, turning over on her back while she held the skeleton between her hands. She happily spun it over and over, kicking her tanned, muscular legs up in the air as well. After a moment, she sighed happily, the fish bones resting on her face.
“Nya?” Taokaka suddenly sat up, a goofy smile on her face. “Tao’s hungry… Tao knows! Tao should go find someone who’ll feed Taokaka, that’s a great idea!” Forgetting she’d just eaten, Taokaka tossed the fish bone to the ground and walked away from her favorite spot on a grassy knoll. “Nya, now…. who does Tao know who’ll give her a good meal?” As she tried t
:iconbioyugi:BioYuGi 43 13
TMIS 4 Candy
This text contains TF and/or TG as well as mild sexual scenes and bad language
So if you don't like any of the above, go find something else to read
Made by:
The TGF Writer
"Man I'm bored." claimed seventeen year old Nick as he yawned. "How can this be so boring?"
"We shouldn't have ditched school." repeated Fred for the twelfth time. "We can't even go to the movies without risking someone into recognizing us."
"Yeah, yeah..." Nick sighed as they continued walking down the street. "But there must be something to do aside from movies and video-games, right?"
"Dunno, why don't we look around the shops?" asked Fred to his twin brother, noticing the area they were walking around was somewhat empty.
"What about that one?" Nick pointed at an old looking shop *TGF Antiques* was the name written on top of the door. "Seems interesting."
"I'm not sure..." Fred doubted. "I mean, it looks kinda old."
:icontgfwritter:TGFWritter 69 25
I'm laughing my head off
while I'm crying inside
It's easy to hide feelings
when no one understands them
and when positivity is the answer
but negativity is the truth
I can say aw how cute
when I'm really saying "you hoe!"
It's hard to keep
what's hidden inside
but how do I get you
out of my system
It's easy to try healing by laughing
but it's harder to cry
when positivity is the answer
even if negativity is the truth
Adorned with gifts
because a new arrival's on the way
they parade around you
like a new princess
just because they know
he’s a hen-pecked little bitch
:iconlittlewing1985:littlewing1985 4 1
CMSN - Glassy Eyed Stare 2 by sortimid CMSN - Glassy Eyed Stare 2 :iconsortimid:sortimid 622 44
Sailor Moon Shorts
(Mental Regression)
The young blonde known as Serena was yelling rather loudly while running down the street. In a bit of a pinch due to the fact that she had been sucked into another dimension by an enemy monster- stuck there while being chased by the strange creature. Female in shape while wearing a large diaper and onesie. Using a giant rattle to attack the Sailor Scout; Serena barely avoiding being crushed flat. Once making enough distance from the monster she turned.
"Okay! Time to kick some butt." Sailor Moon stated before pulling out her scepter. Brooch on the fritz due to a recent attack; Luna setting her scepter to appear instead in order to allow the blonde to transform anyway. Serena reminding herself to buy some special treats for Luna as a thank you.
"Moon! Make up!" Serena shouted before holding up her scepter. Not looking as the creature appear from around the corner and blast at the girl. However instead of aiming at the Sailor Scout she instead hit the scepter i
:iconsoul-of-platinum:Soul-of-Platinum 136 15
The Rant of an 'Uncool Bimbo'
Rant number 1
Diana's thoughts on her generation
May 07, 2006, 12:53 PM
As of late, I've noticed the extreme deterioration of ethics in today's world. I am not cool because I'm not afraid to wear what I want; holy crap, "You listen to stuff in JAPANESE?!" Dear lord, you must be a bimbo; oh, MY God, you hang out with WHO? What's that? You think I'M jealous of YOU?
By now I'm sure you see my point.
I'm sick and tired of putting up with a bunch of closed-minded bimbos who believe I am a lesser person because I'm good to my parents, I wear what I feel like wearing (or what's clean), I watch cartoons, I draw, and I am smarter than they are. Too many times these idiots have done their best to demean me because I'm "uncool". I'm SICK OF IT. Sure, I may make it look like I could care less-- I even make comebacks clever enough to send their puny brains reeling into confusion for hours, even days, trying to decipher the meaning behind my statements, but immediately afterwards laughing it off as
:iconlady-phantasm:Lady-Phantasm 9 19
Not the Only Son [trade with slurbangurb]
Richard sighed as he swept the dusty wooden floor of the pawn shop and watched his father, Rob, barter with yet another customer. Afterwards, he would have to go through inventory, balance the register, stock the shelves, record receipts, and clean the bathroom all before he could finally start on his homework from school. Richard was a diligent and hardworking young man, but the number chores his father assigned him around the family shop was often rather arduous. In fact, it was almost baffling how much time and energy father and son put into maintaining that worn-out old store, practically an antique in its own right. Of course, things would run much faster and smoother if either of Richard’s two elder siblings ever decided to lend a hand. But he knew that his twin sisters were most likely strutting around drunk at some party, or getting felt up by some guy that they hardly even knew. While Richard loved his two older sisters dearly, pretty much everyone in town knew that they
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